Feasibility Study – Outline design possibilities and potential complications by defining Goals, discussing schedule & zoning limitations. Completion of this phase will ensure a realistic project scope and budget.

Conceptual Design – During this phase clients provides their vision by making a wish list, providing any images or sketches. Our goal in this phase is to provide an image or understanding to the client of possibilities of as per their concept and project constraints.  We provide you with sketches, diagrams or printouts and may be accompanied by prelim discussion of cost implications and any construction issues.

Schematic Design – In this phase we develop a single scheme/design having exhausted and tested concepts discussed in Conceptual Design phase. Hard line drawings are produced to aid discussions concerning material, structure,and footprint. At clients request we will explore spatial relations in 3D through computer modeling. The scope of work will be clearly defined and any adjustment to pricing package may be produced to reflect any changes in the scope of the project.

Detail Design – This phase is about refining construction details and drawings resulting in a detailed design. Depending upon the scope of the project other consultants may be involved at this point for structural engineering, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical. Any inputs and decisions regarding these trades will be finalized at this point in project. The scope of the work is once again clarified and any pricing adjustments are made.

Final approval – A prelim set of drawings are provided to the client for review and a final approval of the project is gained. After the final approval any changes to the project are considered and additional work and may result in additional cost.

Construction Documents – A package of drawings and specifications are produced to communicate the intent of the project to all the trades involved. These drawings along with consultant drawings are used by the builder to refer to for construction of the project.

ProVilla provides consultancy services across the areas of design & building single family homes.